Because You’re You.

Today, I heard something from my coworker that broke my heart into pieces.  He’s a father of a son who’s currently just finished off middle school. He’s from Pakistan. His son is getting bullied for having the last name including Bin Ladin. He’s a worried father hoping his son will make it out of this […]

Leaving Yourself

Recently, I’ve realized subtle yet significant changes to how I was, and who I am becoming. Sounds like some crazy post about puberty and realizing one’s self…which I guess is partially true, except more about adulthood. These changes are not the largest factors in my worries, but rather, how I like these changes. I realized […]

Sentimental Speeches

© rainbowbop@flickr I’m currently sitting in an airport trying to squeeze out 1 last blog post before I leave for vacation. I didn’t know what I wanted to write about until my friend sent me a text saying “text me 10 minutes before you board so I can send you a sentimental text”. Oh yes, […]

All That Exists Begins Somewhere

© digitalshade@flickr In our current time, the people around us and our habits have made it so that nobody really cares about what you have to say. Those small ideas floating in your head are unknown and unheard. This is the reason in which this blog was created. Sometimes, ingenious ideas pop into my field […]