I’m proud as Me, not We.

I’m proud of who I am. That’s something I genuinely have never been able to say. No, I have not reached all my life goals, nor am I even close to doing so, but I cannot say that I’m not proud of the person I have grown into.

It seems to me that major relationships, many tend to lose their sense of self and see themselves as a part of a “we”. I cannot say that I wasn’t one of these people. It seems that our better half is the half we need to be proud, and that without them, we are nothing more than half of something good…which is just mediocre. Today, I realized something different: I realized how to detach myself from being a “we”.

No, I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with being a part of something great, but I think one should never lose the sense of how great they are without their significant other. Today, I realized that I have the ability to detach, to enjoy my life and to be selfless. To me, it made me realize that I am indeed proud of how much I have achieved at the age of 21, and I want to continue to grow into a woman that I will be proud of when looking back.

So be proud of yourself, without the other half. Without being a “we”.


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