To Be With Someone That Smiles

A smile should never be taken for granted; it says so much about the person. The type of smile, whether it be forced, loving or from pure joy, can say so much about your relationship. The ability to make someone smile should also never be taken for granted; it shows how much you mean to them.

To be with that person that can make you smile just by staring at each other, someone that realizes that such a simple action means so much more than what can be expressed in words, that’s the type of love everyone deserves.

These may be the type of people that are normally too shy to express their emotions in words, but you can sense all they want to say in their actions, or they may be the ones that are not afraid to laugh and pour everything on their heart, but the one action of utter bliss is the perfect midline for all. It’s the silence that’s too loud to ignore.

To know that you make each other happy without the use of words, that’s the greatest moment of all.


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