5 Life Lesson Learned At 20

I was originally suppose to post this when I turned 20, but I have to say, I didn’t know enough about being 20. As I worked on this post throughout the year, I realized how much I learned as progressed…so maybe you’ll enjoy some of my lessons. And clearly, some pointers were written when I started, while others were expressed once I learned my lessons.

1. Party Hard While You Can

This may sound ridiculous, I’ve just turned 20 and I make it sound like I can’t go out and party anymore, and that’s definitely not what I’m saying. There are some things that I regret not doing when I was a stupid teenager. For example, I took high school way too seriously! When I got to university, I realized high school was practically a joke, and realized how all my classmates had the time to go out and party. Sure, there are lots of age restrictions and I’m definitely not telling anyone to go out and get drunk every friday, but a small house party with a stolen bottle of wine from the parent’s shelves should have been done, and I regret letting my high school experience disappear like that. Now’s the time to do all those small things, to do those things that you won’t have the chance to do later on in life. Listen to shitty dubstep, club until 4AM and get home hammered, go to summer rave festivals, but do everything knowing what you are capable of. Do it now or forever hold your peace.

2. Protect Your Body, Build a Habit

Since we are the age that we are, this is the time get into the habits that we would never want to start later. For example, sleep early and wake up early. I know that’s impossible for a university student, but doesn’t mean you can’t try. Go to the gym, cook actual food (and not just instant noodles), drink lots of water. These small things can help you in the long run, and there’s no better time to start. You’re going to realize later down the road that you feel heavy and that you can’t do what you use to be able to do, and by that point, it’s already too late.

3. Fall into Infatuation Stupidly

What better time to be dumb then now. When we were young, “dating” started with holding hands and ended with what we thought was the end of the world. Now that you’re in your 20’s, there’s so much more than that. There’s the game. Who wants the other more? Are they into serious relationships or just up for a 1 night fling? Do I want to be that one night fling? These things are suddenly…acceptable. So why not live out your stupidity while you’re young and able to stand back on your feet? Don’t fall head first. Don’t love easily. Early 20’s is not the time.

4. Appreciate The Family

Look back a bit. In the past 10 years I suppose. We’ve went through the “worship the ground they walked on” phase, and the “I hate you, you’re embarrassing me” phase…so isn’t it about time we started to appreciate them? Parents want nothing more than for their children to be happy. Though sometimes they may install weird ideals and pressure you into things you never wanted to do, that’s only because they assumed they were right. Remember something, as you are growing older, so are they. Soon, you’ll be in your 30’s and they’ll most likely be around their 50’s to 60’s, meaning more than half their lifespan is over. Would you regret what you didn’t say to them when they’re gone? Or maybe what you did?

5. Honesty to Yourself

This is the time in which you see yourself grow into a real person, the person you wish to be in the future. If you’re not honestly with yourself, how are you going to learn anything during this time. Be honestly with your feelings, with what you want, how you want to treat others and how you wish to be treated. Being an immature brat in public will no longer be accepted and you must step outside of your body and honestly judge yourself. Will you regret what you’re doing when you look back in 5, 10, 15 years? There’s no better way to be honestly than to be realistic. Slow down, take a moment and think.


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