Because You’re You.

Today, I heard something from my coworker that broke my heart into pieces. 

He’s a father of a son who’s currently just finished off middle school. He’s from Pakistan. His son is getting bullied for having the last name including Bin Ladin. He’s a worried father hoping his son will make it out of this well. His son is currently going on medication for anxiety. This is because of where they came from.


I won’t pretend to be a saint that’s never judged based on skin colour, but it’s the first time I’ve heard the other side so clearly. He was so worried, asking me how highschool was, and if it was easy to make friend…because his son is scared. I’ve never seen my own father worried like that, therefore it was even more tough to see another’s going through it. He told me his son was excluded from all group work in school because of his skin colour, his name, and his culture. 

I’ve never been so angry at middle schoolers. I was there once and I will say one thing, I absolutely hated it there. Every child trying to grow up will try to bully others proving that they’re doing so faster, and it’s just a hate filled environment.

I legitimately did not know what the father was trying to get from me, but I had to tell him the truth, that children are mean little things. They hurt without knowing and they’re ignorant as hell. This little boy just got the bad end of the stick because he’s of a different colour. It was extremely frustrating and heartbreaking. 


It was more frustrating when I came home and ranted to my mother about it. She said “well it’s because they’re Paki”…I was in awe. We’re of a different culture too and I know what it feels like to be judged…so who the hell are we to say a different culture is the cause of all evil. I was so angry and I don’t know why, but this boy and his father just made me so sad about the world and how people are treating people. I guess popular culture isn’t helping anything, but I sure wish something would. 


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