Sentimental Speeches


© rainbowbop@flickr

I’m currently sitting in an airport trying to squeeze out 1 last blog post before I leave for vacation. I didn’t know what I wanted to write about until my friend sent me a text saying “text me 10 minutes before you board so I can send you a sentimental text”.

Oh yes, quite adorable. Still, the first thing I thought about when I read the text was “wow…so she assumes I’m going to die…just in case”.

Has anyone noticed that people are always cautious when it comes to others leaving? Even for the shortest of time, and knowing for sure that they will be back. The first response to leaving is still “just in case I never see you again, I need you to know my feelings as a last sentiment from me”…as if sentiments mean something huge if it was the last time you would see your friend.

I guess this post is rushed and impatiently wrote (since I’m boarding in less than half an hour and I’m still trying to chug down my coffee), I just wanted people to think about the concept of others leaving, and why you care so much.

On a completely different note, has anyone noticed how beautiful airports are? It’s like the world in 1 place, at 1 time. Everyone, from everywhere intersect here. A piece of everywhere has been here, and people don’t even notice this when they’re passing others. The beauty of different passports when you one’s lining up for customs is so intriguing to me, the fact that there are so many different types of people gathering in one place.

It’s a beautiful worldly meet.


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