Memory Sponge


© tommythecat@Flickr

How Do You Remember?

Can you just take a moment and think about a memory in the past? Did it require effort to remember the details? The people, the place, the scent and your emotions during the time? You had to consciously think about it, making an effort to remember those details. These memories are part of who we are, but sadly, time does let us forget. However you want to think about it, time can heal wounds or forget the beauty of the moment. Those past relationships pains that you have now come to accept, do you actually let go or did you just forget about the details enough so you can ignore the memories? Now imagine if that was happening to the beautiful memories as well.

Let It Rush Back

Now think about a song, a song that you were listening to while you were experiencing a meaningful moment in your life. Go listen to that song. Right now. Open up iTunes, plug in your iPod, blast it from your iPhone. Sit and Listen. Do you remember that moment? The details that you thought you forgot? Songs are like a memory sponge, it soaks up all your emotions, details, and thoughts during the time. It’s been scientifically proven that scent is the sense with the largest impact on memory (and before you claim sight is, try to conjure up an image of what you wore 2 days ago), but the sense of hearing following close behind. Have you ever had it that you were listening to your music on shuffle, and suddenly, a song starts playing and pieces of memories start to appear in your head. Oh, and yes, they are extremely vivid. That is the affect of music on your memories.

Putting the Pieces Together

As this post rambles on about nothing, I just wanted to express this genuinely meaning idea. Have we appreciated music to the extent we do? No, not in the “omg I love that band” kind of way, but in a music lets us live kind of way. In a remember your past kind of way. These things can’t be let go. Make a playlist, remember those moments and what ever you do, don’t let them go. No matter how great or horrible these memories are, take it in. Accept them and turn it into a piece of you.That’s the only way you can become a whole.


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