All That Exists Begins Somewhere


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In our current time, the people around us and our habits have made it so that nobody really cares about what you have to say. Those small ideas floating in your head are unknown and unheard. This is the reason in which this blog was created.

Sometimes, ingenious ideas pop into my field of view when I’m walking to class, and 5 minutes later, I forget about it forever. Those ideas, especially now, are so useful. In a way, I was inspired by those around me, and in a way this blog was inspired by The Perks of Being a Wallflower. The final letter from Charlie hit home, and to quote:

Because I know there are people who say all these things don’t happen.
And there are people who forget what it’s like to be sixteen when they turn seventeen.
And know these will all be stories someday
and our pictures will become old photographs
and we’ll all become somebody’s mom or dad.
But right now these moments are not stories.

Now, of course I’ve never experienced anything horrendous like that of Charlie, but it made me realize that writing, expression and recording helps store those memories and maybe, helps one accept them.

Seeing as how it is 3:00AM and I’m writing my first blog post ever, I cannot say that I’m at a point in my life in which I am completely satisfied with everything around me, but maybe one day, this will occur. These ideas recorded here are going to help me move along in my life, and unlike those who are completely dedicated to a blog submission 3 times a week, the unexpected should be expected.

These posts, though personal, hope to reach the heart of others. Maybe instead of reading a generic quote on Tumblr posted by some hipster with an iPhone, the next generation will legitimately read a post, feel something in their heart, and be inspired to record their moments.

This is where I’ll end my thoughts; the thoughts of expression, troubles and explanations.


One thought on “All That Exists Begins Somewhere

  1. I do not generally comment on web sites but I needed to drop in and say thanks for making this, I absolutely agree with the fact and with a little luck people today can understand this argument.

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